About China Young Artists Project


Purpose: Showing Chinese Youth's Art Creation in the world stage.

Slogan: Participation, Development, Innovation, Cooperation.

As a five-year promotional program, China Young Artists Project (hereinafter referred to as "CYAP") is the largest one of its kind so far when the long-term-support to the Chinese contemporary young artists is concerned. The Program is privileged to have a nationwide exhibition platform from China International Culture Association (hereinafter referred to as "CICA") and necessary fund from Beautiful Asset (Beijing) Management Co., Ltd.. The combination of professional jury of world class and national professional executive team will be the best program execution team.

CICA is a nationwide non-profit social organization dedicated to people-to-people cultural exchange and cooperation under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. By developing cultural exchange and cooperation with other countries, CICA strives to attain its goal: to help bring about a flourishing culture for the mankind, to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and the peoples of the world. On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, CICA is ready to work with relevant institutions and organizations for exchange and cooperation in the field of personnel exchange and publication, organization of performances, exhibitions, academic symposiums and other cultural activities.

CYAP is committed to support, encourage and stimulate the Chinese young generation of visual artists to go for more communication and creation with a new culture value set up at the same time. Therefore the Program will organize art activities to establish cooperation for the young artists to be exposed to the international culture community. CYAP intends to infiltrate pre-established modes of culture and thoughts, enabling our participants to inspire each other through communication and collision of ideas. CYAP also emphasizes aspects of professionalism and research through a series of exchange and promotional programs, including worldwide solo and group exhibitions organized by well-known curators, publication plans, forums, workshops, documentary films, art fairs, professional media, as well as "cultural exchange years" programs between China and foreign countries, international Biennales, and art festivals held worldwide, especially in America and Europe. Chinese young artists will be enabled to have access to and cooperate with international art centers, museums and other institutions with culture influences. CYAP will therefore present Chinese contemporary art's creation situation, characteristics of the times and geographical feature of China with professional standards, and put Chinese youth's constant energy and creativity into world art.